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Searching for a compact Apple desktop

4 years ago

Hi folks,

I have been on a long-term search for a used Apple desktop that does not take up much space but is also reliable when it comes to streaming (my apartment is very small). I previously had an iMac4 (early 2006) but it died last year.

I have not been in a great rush to get a desktop because I already have a Late 2009 White Unibody MacBook. I mostly do work on my computer while in coffee shops. The desktop would be mainly for streaming, working when I'm home, and backing up the data that's on my MacBook.

Last November a kind soul recommended that at minimum I get a 2012 Mac Mini as a desktop. Surprisingly, while I have not had much luck in getting a 2012 Mac Mini, I've on several occasions come very close to getting a 2014 Mac Mini at a great price (around $200). But I was always beaten by someone else.

Today I saw someone selling a used iMac G4 in an ad. This was the first time I had seen this computer. While it's most likely too old for my purposes, I really like its space-efficient design. I know very little about computers. I simply use them for word processing, browsing the Web, and, lately, streaming.

My question: Does anyone know of another Apple desktop that is as compact as the Mac Mini and iMac G4?

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