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HEY great gardeners need advice please. Is it okay to add swept and ra

raked up lots of tree pollen to the bottom or middle of my raised beds since they are between 24 and 3 ft tall. I hate waste. Hubby brought me over two trailer loads of old leaves and dead twigs etc to fill in the bottoms before I add my old soil and bagged soil, compost, etc ad the 2 loads of compost and 1 scoop of tp soil we got from local nursery in a large trailer Got bone meal Plant tone, etc to add too SHOULD I add the Alaska liquid fish fertilizer too????

Back to the house that why all is so far behind.

It just me. My hired help is a no show lately. Still got to get in my peppers, celery plants, green bean seeds. Mostly all in hoop houses and large pots too

dont have time for soil testing since I have many many pots and wire bins

thanks y'all.

gotta get out there and do it . ran out of he 4ft wide landscape fabric for the bins. using cardboard in bins too lining them. . all putting cardboard down on the ground in the hoop houses "floor" The hardest thing to suppress is that blanket blank Brermuda grass

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