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Convert the garage to a home office and living space

Thanh-Thuy Ngo
3 years ago

Hi everyone,

We are (family of 3) living in a detached house with a garage which has been forgotten for many years. I would like to redo our garage but needed to get some reassurance and suggestions if my ideas would be possible with the budget we are planning to spend (about 5-8K).

We stayed in this cabin which is much bigger but this is my inspiration:

The garage is 6x2.5m and it is closed to the conservatory of our neighbour but there is the hedge and path in between.

My idea is to have on the ground floor a home office with 2 iMac and living space combined with a wood burner. Above, I would like to have a mezzanine level accessed by a ladder but only half of the room (probably it will be use for storage for now.

The sun shine in front of the garage where there are the doors and windows.

I wanted to have more like a long table instead of desks to make it more convivial and our daughter can use as well the table or it could be used as another dining table.

The windows are single glazed and the door definitely needs to be replace, would it be possible to have a bifolding doors? and keep the windows as they are to keep the cost minimum. For the floor, I was thinking at laminate floor.

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