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stain doesn’t look like what we picked out with builder

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Our builder’s painter started staining doors in our new house, but it looks darker and more red than the stain we chose in the showroom so we halted the process as soon as we saw the doors they started staining(shown in the first picture). We are going to try and figure out what went wrong, but no one is working this weekend as it is Memorial Day. The stain is a custom color based on the stain on our prefinished maple cabinets. It should turn out relatively similar on pine which our doors are. We chose the stain based on a sample (on pine) in the showroom ( shown in second picture). Anyone think there’s any way they could have based the stain on the correct sample? Otherwise anyone think we are going to be able to succeed in pursuing ratification of the issue at the builder’s expense?

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