Talk Me Into Or Out Of Thermador/Monogram (Open to Options)

Miss Talia
2 years ago

Full remodel underway. We have five children, three of whom are teens, so I cook a lot of food, and I cook often! Also, I am a vegetarian, so it's very common for me to have multiple large skillets in use at a time + sauce pans, so I want a 36" range. I have an existing 30" electric wall oven that I intend to use in the remodeled kitchen (fairly new and in good condition).

I need a range, dishwasher, exhaust hood insert, and want a 42" refrigerator.

I have looked at Thermador Pro Grand (b/c of the extra depth), and the Monogram. I like them both. I am being told the Cafe is pretty much the Monogram, but the incentives are less. So the pricing isn't really that different in the end if I am willing to stay with one line for at least 2 pieces.

I can get the Monogram package for $15k for 4 pieces. And, for thermador, it's $21k. Both ranges are all gas, which I am fine w/ b/c I also have the electric wall oven.

What else should I consider? My initial budget was $15k for the appliances, so I would like to stay close to that. I've seen reviews that are all over the board.

If you were purchasing a 36" all gas range, and a 42" built-in refrigerator, what would you get?

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