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Help with Furniture Layout in Compact Living and Dining area please...

Anastasia S.
3 years ago

Hello everyone. May I please ask for help/ advice or suggestions on the best furniture layout for the Living and Dining area of my new condo townhouse? I failed to take pictures of the actual place during viewing but I am attaching an image of the plan with measurements as sent by the agent. I'm moving out from home so I don't have much furniture to bring with me when I take possession in a few months so I am preparing to purchase everything.

As the space is very compact, I would like some advice on how to fit the following in the Living and Dining area please:

Dining table, Sofa couch (perhaps with two armchairs?), maybe a coffee table?, TV with media stand / storage, an area rug?.. any other ideas as to what else I might need?


- I was thinking of placing a sofa along the long blank wall in the living room (then two armchairs on the side) but that leaves me with no ideal position for a tv and media console / storage. Any suggestions?

- Should I go with a round or a square dining table? Ideally, I would like to be able to seat at least 4 people. The dining area will also serve as my work table.

- I do enjoy entertaining and having some friends over for dinner. How do I maximize seating in the living and dining room? Create a cozy conversation area that also functions as a comfortable tv room?

- How can I somehow hide/ disguise the television, perhaps make it look more attractive? Online, they suggest to make it part of a gallery wall... but where do I put it exactly? It has to stay in the living area as I don't want it in my bedroom. I also enjoy binge watching (lol) sometimes so I would love to have a nice comfortable spot for watching in the living room.

Any suggestions please? Thank you!

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