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Reach In Closet Inside Master Bathroom?

Sabrina C
3 years ago

Thoughts/ideas needed on the following layout:

I'm remodeling this Master Bathroom, the Master Bedroom's layout seem strange if I were to put the reach in closet to the left wall. So, I'm thinking of letting the original reach in closet inside the bathroom stay.

However, after fitting in the freestanding tub and the walk in shower on one end, the toilet is left facing the reach in closet. Will this be weird to do #1 and #2 facing a closet?

I'll be putting in a stronger ventilation fan to get rid of humidity from the shower.

Below are original floor plan vs proposed floor plan. The left side is a common wall with neighbor. To the right of the Master Bathroom is another Bathroom, I'm showing it to show that the original plumbing are already on that side so I'm trying to keep them close. A visual of the tub with walk in shower is also shown as a third photo.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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