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Blank slate- help me plan my dream kitchen!

4 years ago


I am in the planning stages of our home build. We have our floor plans basically done but are working on the kitchen and adjacent pantry and powder room. The first image is our blank slate with dimensions (note the area for powder room

and pantry is actually 7.5 ft, not 7). The second image is what I have come up with so far. I am nowhere near a kitchen planner and do plan to meet with a planner in the coming weeks. Just trying to get ideas out of my head onto paper before the meeting. Drawn to a scale of 1 block=1 foot.

Some background:

-House is a traditional farmhouse (On a farm!) Family of four.

-Trying to capture all the views I can out of the back wall (the wall I have shown the sink on). If I can, I’d like no (or few) upper cabinets on this wall and basically a wall of wIndows.

-The only thing I am firm about is having the sink on the exterior wall and no appliances in the island. Not my style.

-Not firm on much else. Not even certain about an island. If we do have an island, would like seating for 4.

-As shown, I have a shallow (-20 inch or so) reach-in pantry for our dry food storage and a second walk-in pantry that will have our deep freezer and will primarily be used to store our canning supplies and goods.

-Unsure about a door between kitchen and mudroom/pantry/powder room.

Ideas?? Want to make sure the flow is ok, walkways are handicap accessible and it is a functional layout.

Thank you so much for your input!!!

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