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backyard Living space ideas

I am trying to come up with a layout for our backyard. Currently, we only have a set of steps that we had to put in to pass our final inspections. We want a bbq area, an eating area and a sitting/ hang out bar area. Not really sure how to make this work. We have a septic system in the bark yard and the tank is to the left of the stairs (see picture)so this area would have to be accessible so we were think of leaving it a planting bed. Behind garage we would like to put a covered sitting area (see picture). We do not like the current steps and would like the dining area to be lower so we need to transition between house the this area. We are thinking the dining area would be on the right side of the steps looking towards the house. We would like paths of stepping stones between areas as I do not want a massive looking interlocking area. Really open to any and all ideas..

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