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Two different floors next to each other (open floor plan kitchen)

Edwin L
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi! We're currently undergoing a remodel of the kitchen and transforming it into the familiar open-floor-plan kitchen-living room.

Our design dilemma is that most of the house had mostly the generic Brazilian cherry flooring that you find on Google. We had to demolish the kitchen floors and we're hoping to go with a more modern farmhouse look with black brown shaker cabinets and white marbled counter tops.

We're currently not thinking the reddish tone of the floors fits the feel of the open floor plan, but want to maintain the value of the home when the time comes to sell it.

Online, the options mostly given are light/pale wood or 24"x48"/36"x36" tile. But we aren't too sure what style of tile would look okay in a 500 square foot room with dark cabinets. Alternatively, we aren't sure if we were to use light/pale wood, if it would still look fairly high-end if we went with a herringbone or chevron layout, with it joining to the cherry floors at 3 doors and 2 sets of stairs (separated by doors for code).

I hope it wasn't a long read, but we'd like to make some moves to plan for how we should approach this dilemma. Thanks in advance!


Link to Current Palette

Forgot to add what we are currently looking at for the existing site, as well as what we are looking to do and the adjacent room's floors! We've covered it up with foam at the moment, so I can't get a good picture of the live floor at the moment.

Thanks for the help so far!

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