help finishing master bedroom

2 years ago
I got some great advice here several months ago when we first moved back into our home after remodeling, so I’m back in hopes of help to fine tune the details.

This is our master bedroom... it has a unique entrance/short hallway, and an exterior wall full of windows. The actual room area lacks a lot of actual wall space due to the french doors of our closet and barn door to the bathroom. I may get comments that this room isn’t very big for a master. While it’s probably not as big as I’d have liked, it’s slightly larger than our old room and accommodates a king sized bed, which was our major prerequisite. Our closet is full of built ins, so it negates our need for a dresser. I am aware that the chair doesn’t really fit the scale of the room. It’s a temporary compromise between my husband and I as we had purchased it for our living room shortly before deciding to renovate. Since we plan to expand our family soon, he won the argument by pointing out it may be nice to have a rocking chair while baby is sleeping in our room. I will eventually replace it with a smaller stationery sitting chair.

I’ve only hung one decorative piece, so where I really need guidance is wall hangings - while I do not feel compelled to cover every inch of wall, I do think it needs a few things. I am likely going to do a gallery wall in the entrance/hallway. Maybe three large frames. I’m not sure what to do over the bed, or if I should leave it empty? Something above the nightstands? The nightstands and lamps definitely stay, but I’m open to suggestions for other nightstand accessories. I’ve been looking for a decorative tray to place on mine (side of bed away from windows) with a candle, luxury hand lotion, and maybe some other small decorative objects in place of the photo frame. I think there may need to be something to the right of the TV over the chair, but I have no idea what... and the space to the right of the barn door on the bathroom wall? I’d like to replace the laundry hamper (ideally I’d do away with it, but didn’t think to leave a spot for it in our closet), but should there be something hanging over it? I’d appreciate any constructive criticism and advice you might have. Thanks in advance!

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