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Can I get some tips to function as my own general contractor?

4 years ago

I live in the low living expense side of New England and putting together everything needed for a new home construction for $400,000. I own the land. The figure is only to build the house. The mid-grade custom stick build houses here go for 170-185 per sqft.

2000 sqft, 3 bed, 3 bath, 2 story colonial, 2 car attached garage, full basement.

The builder I'm working with agreed to hiring a site preparation contractor myself. I got the quotes from the site prep guy as follows. This is the final negotiated binding quote.

  1. Land clearing and drive-way (210') ($8500).
  2. Septic needed on site and the quote is $13000 for tank and installation.
  3. Excavate for full foundation, drain work, footing, back fill to grade for $12500

Now, I have$365,000 left with from foundation up.

  1. Will do painting myself (subtracting about $8000)
  2. My current appliances are good. Not buying new ones (builder has $5000 allowance)

I'm right at the $175/sqft after all the above considerations. If I will be my own general contractor, I can save 10-15% of the expense that is needed for the buffer. I'm already doing it for land prep and painting. I need some tips to start for other areas like plumbing and electrical (any other areas missing that I can GC?). My previous land lord used to do his own GC and is willing to help me with tips. But he is really old and hasnt done anything past 10 years.

Please let me know if there is any other thread or resources available to start prepping for it. I know it's a pain in the rear, but I'm ready to do it to save that money to get what I want.

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