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3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I'm stuck...I think I really want this layout to work, but I seem to be the only one. Change my mind.

Things you need to know:

I have been to 2 kitchen designers. We CANNOT move the window, we CANNOT move the support beam (that the island is built into), the sink HAS to be 6' or more away from the window, we CANNOT make the small wall between the kitchen and living room smaller. The appliances are already purchased. One designer said that the fridge cannot go where the stove is because with the fridge doors open, it'll be too close to the island. We'll have plenty of drawers w/ a few base cabinets for tall items in this layout.

This "U" layout will only work if the cabinets on the short wall are 12" deep. The area would basically be a beverage bar, with the coffee maker tucked in the corner & cookbooks on the shelf, and the cabinets would serve as a food pantry. Does this layout have too many cabinets for this smallish kitchen?

If we make this kitchen a "L" layout, I'll have this large blank wall. I'd rather make it usable space rather just leaving it for artwork.

Change my mind!

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