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Can you place a pergola on top of a patio made of pavers?

Jared Delaney
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello community, it's my first time here. I am building a house and have been the pros and cons of pavers vs concrete slabs, and I believe I will go with pavers for my patio seating area. I want to have a pergola in the backyard as well. My loaded question, is can a pergola sit on top of a patio made of pavers safely? If I read correctly a paver has a PSI of 3500, and if a pergola weighs 4,000 lbs then the weight would be distributed and lessen the load on the legs. I read that paver patios are strong enough to handle this?

If I do this project, would it be better to have the pergola built first, and build the patio around the legs or build the patio and have a contractor build the pergola after?

Lastly, when it comes to pavers, I really want a cool design. I have considered making my own template and casting my own pavers using Quickrete 5000. Yes, it would be time consuming, but I would be saving any money this way? I would be able to cast my own shapes and make it custom for sure. An 80-lb of Quickrete is $5.50 and Lowe's has red pavers on sale for .25 cents for comparison. I just don't know how many pavers that bag would be equivalent to.

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