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Need help/advice on exterior paint, windows and garage doors

4 years ago

Front of house - from the street

Back of house - this shows all three windows going on ...

original gray on left

new black french door

3 year old white picture windows

Front door - this is on the side of the house and can't be seen from the street

I'm a first time home owner in Denver, CO. My house was hit by a hailstorm and I'm having to make big decisions quickly. I really don't want to screw up - a lot of these decision will have to last 10+ years and each decision might influence the others. I'm very excited not to have a pink house much longer! I'm leaning towards a creamy white with black accents and wood-looking garage doors?

Here's what's going on:

- the roof has already been replaced and I went with a dark charcoal shingle. From the street you can't really see my roof

- New Milgard French Doors were installed in the back. The exterior is black and somewhat modern

- There are two big picture windows that are newish - they are white. The 2nd photo shows both

- I just bought two black barn lights to over the garage doors -


- the front of the house is all garage, so the garage doors are very important. Right now they are basic white.

- there's no front porch and you can't see the front door to paint it a fun color.

- there's not much architectural interest to the house. Will white be too bland?

- the windows in the front don't have enough space to put shutters on

Decisions I need to make:

- exterior paint color

- garage doors. It will probably be a couple years before I can afford new ones, but I want to paint my house with new ones in mind.

- windows - black or white? I love my new black French doors and I was thinking of getting black windows, but they're much more expensive. Much more.

I appreciate any and all help and feedback!

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