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What would you do? Privacy that still looks good for front entry?

What is your opinion? Our front entry door has 6-glass panes that are beautiful but allow anyone who comes to our door to pretty easily see into our entryway and even into our living room if they try. We would like to create more privacy, however 1) don't want to block all light and 2) want it to look aesthetically pleasing and keep with the classic + current vibe of our home.

Would you....

A) add a rod pocket shade that matches the side light shades?

B) Use some kind of window film?

C) Any other solution? I'm open to ideas. (Ex. A different storm door? A different kind of shade? If so, what kind / style?)

Thanks in advance for your opinions! I should be able to solve this but I'm stumped because I don't love the look of the two options I list above, but also we would like a bit more privacy.

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