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Should contractor redo bathroom tiling??

John Smith
3 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am currently redoing a very small bathroom in my apartment. The building is extremely old so the bathroom used to be a maid's quarters bathroom back in 1905. So the bathroom is very small and narrow (about 9 feet long by 2.5 feet wide).

Anyway, the tiling work is just about done (though I imagine the contractor still has to scrape some of the grout off of the tiles), and I think it is a mess!!! Can you tell me if I am being picky?

I feel like I could have watched YouTube for two hours, and I would have been able to tile the bathroom better.

The floor doesn't look like it was cut properly to the wall so there is a huge grout line along one side of the bathroom. The ledge/small seat in the shower is totally crooked. The grout lines everywhere are messy. There are some tiles not flush against the wall.

I'm not crazy, right?? I still owe him half the balance for the bathroom - should I be demanding he gut the thing and do it again?

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