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Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly problem

On May 7 I found the first Zebra Swallowtail caterpillar on my newly planted Pawpaw trees. I did not have one of my typical cat habitats ready so I placed the ZS cat in a plastic tub with paper in the bottom and green netting over the top. I placed leaves in floral tubes on the bottom and made sure the cat was on a leaf. This habitat is on a screened porch and no direct sun strikes the habitat. I checked on the cat a couple of times and always found it hanging from the net covering the top of the tub. It ate the first day and night and the second day. Then this morning, the third day in captivity, I checked the habitat and and there was a stain in the net covering, and stains all on the paper on the bottom and the cat was brown in the "chin to chest" area. See the attached photos. The cat is alive but it looks like there was a fight in the habitat with it's scent organ marking up the place. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Has anyone ever seen a ZS cat turn brown in this manner? Any help would be appreciated. I have moved the cat to my typical habitat of cloth mesh basket upside down on clean paper. I'm hoping it will survive.

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