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Grandmother's Hat "damask crud"

5 years ago

My two Grandmother's Hat roses, if we have a wet Spring, get what I am told is "damask crud" - a relative of black spot, all over almost every leaf. YUCK! The crud is brown, and sort of lacy looking - total disaster. What I wanted to share with everyone is the good news. For 3 years in a row now, I just wait until the first flush of bloom is done. Then I cut every cane down about 40%, and take off any affected leaves below that. Then I do spray it with that Bayer's stuff which has ONLY a fungicide, not anything else. So far each time, the bushes leaf out again immediately, grow happily, and bloom in flushes for the rest of the Summer and Fall with totally clean foliage, without any more spraying at all. I was so excited when this worked the first time, and now after 3 times in a row I feel it is safe to pass this along. Our climate is dry in the Summer and Fall - I do not know how this would work in other climates.


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