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Help picking out new pendant lights in entrance way- what style?

Ty Weaver
3 years ago

Hoping someone can help a clueless guy in his 20's pick out some light fixtures for bus house. I'd like to replace the old looking pendant lights hanging in my entrance way. I'll attach some pictures of the house so you can get an idea what it looks like. I'm leaning towards something black rather than silver, and an open to either a chandelier and matching pendent light or just pendant lights. Is there a style (industrial, modern, rustic?) that you'd recommend? I'm unsure of what the style is I have going on in my house. What do you think would look better? Chandelier or just hanging lights?

I'm very, very open to any other design/decor ideas you may have. I'm hoping to do a backsplash in my kitchen at some point. I'm thinking a grey-ish subway tile with glass overtop..

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