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Repainting - simply white trim & white dove or cloud cover walls?

Oregon Urban
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I'm leaning towards simply white satin (BM) for the trim, doors, ceilings (flat) and cabinets with white dove (BM) or cloud cover matte (BM) for the walls. The house is in Southern Oregon (overcast most winter and very sunny during summer) and the main living room and kitchen are on the back side of the house and face south so get low/moderate sunlight. Attached are pictures. The floors are dark wood and the carpet is tan, we are keeping both. The windows themselves are also a greige. I'm thinking the warmer whites will work best vs something like chantilly (BM) trim. We are hoping to paint all the walls in the whole house the same color, but may add one more color.

We will also be painting the fireplace white (likely simply white if that's the trim color we choose) and if we don't like it we will redesign.

Do you think those colors will work? I really want to get away from the tan walls that are currently in the house. Any other ideas?

Note: we will be replacing the countertops, sink, pendent lights, and adding a backsplash soon after we move in but after painting is complete (including the cabinets).

We just purchased this house so all furniture is not ours, we have a more transitional style.

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