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looking for CAST IRON, alcove tub with no apron 60X30

Diane Smith
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I want to tile the front of the tub so I am looking for "no apron" , and I want the flanges on 3 sides (alcove) to prevent water damage. I see options for acrylic but really want cast iron and the options I found have the apron (I can't tile the front in this case). I thought about a drop in but not sure about a "kit" instead of a built in flange - and a drop in model would force me to extend beyond the wall the alcove tub sits in once I add whatever it "drops into" , and I am hoping for the tub to be flush with the wall. I tried Kohler, they don't have it. Any ideas for the following:

alcove tub (built in flange)

cast iron


no apron

some inspiration photos are below

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. (I wont be too picky about height, I can raise it up if too low and if I have to step over too high then I would settle for that to get the rest. Ideally around 18")

thank you for any advice or ideas, I have searched for hours!

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