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A thought;Could a wick be used in reverse &another amazing/insane idea

4 years ago

So, we know using rocks impedes drainage. Can you use a wick like a drainage pipe? I see no real purpose in this idea. I have been trying to think of ways to continue the flow of waters through a rocky service. I know if you take a plant out of soil, they stay hydrated longer than completely dry in soil. I assume the soil is absorbing water from the plants. Would a wick do something similar removing the water from the soil.

One more question. When water hits the rocky surface, the organic material above absorbs more water like a sponge. Does the bottom of a pot have the same effect. What if the bottom of pots were designed with many many little holes, would that be better than hitting a hard surface, nothing stopping the water.

Or A pot with feet, the bottom is nothing more than a metal screen with a centre hole plugged by a wick not long enough to touch the ground, just suspended in the air.

Would that be an improved pot design?

If so, could you take strong piece of metal. Use a drill to make many small holes and one larger hole just off centre. Put your layer of rocks in the bottom of a pot. Use five larger rocks, one at each quadrant and one in the centre. The wick coming through the big hole, not long enough to touch the rocks below.

Obviously, pot in pot would be simpler, easier and a much better use of your time.

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