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SPC Flooring - Clicking/Hollow

3 years ago

Recent remodel project includes flooring throughout the downstairs. Visually, everything looks great. However, certain areas have a hollow/springy feel. The original material was carpet and we have replaced it with Republic Flooring SPC. After bringing it up with the GC, he indicated this was normal and to be expected with floating flooring.

A brief google search seems this is an issue that comes up frequently. Having said that, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed given the price tag of the overall project. Is this truly, par for the course or should pre-emptive steps been taken to ensure a level subfloor? The topic wasn’t even brought up before install.

Is it too late to make changes? Will time/items being placed on the floor help balance this out?

Given the GC’s tendency to brush this off as “normal”, I’m curious to know what experience or suggestions others have in this situation..

Thanks in advance!

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