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Yikes, Let's Re-Decorate the Dining Room

Design2 girl
4 years ago

This is the new (old) dining room that needs a face lift! The floors are going to be refinished and our inclination is to stain the inlaid wood the same as the rest of the flooring, so effectively, removing this darker banding (which dates it, IMO) but the inlaid wood pieces will remain in this existing pattern, floors will be a medium brown, not as dark as the banding appears but maybe with a bit more depth than the overall color here. The walls, ceiling, trim and the columns will all be painted white, (color to be matched to the shutters that will remain. Give us some good ideas to jazz up this space, wallpaper suggestions welcome, paint selections needed, chandelier may need to remain and lowered of course, but would love lighting suggestions as well. What would you do with the tray ceiling in here?

This is the china cabinet that will go on the long wall adjacent to the windows, so fairly traditional with antique chippendale chairs with black leather seats. Liking blues/greens but want something in here that has some WOW factor as it is first thing you see as you enter the front door. Thanks if you made it this far!

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