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Rough tumbled travertine countertop: searching for temporary solution

3 years ago

My husband and I discussed redoing the countertops even before we bought the home (we actually cringed when the previous owners told us they had redone them less than a year before they put it on the market). More than simply not our aesthetic, the rough tumbled travertine is entirely unpractical for us since we love to cook and I can't help but feel they are less than hygienic. I find it frustrating that I have to vacuum every tiny crevice (of which there are too many) and grout line multiple times a day... not to mention that it can't be great for my vacuum to be sucking up all kinds of food. I can't even wipe the counter dry with bounty paper towels because the stone just turns the towels into little paper balls that I then have to vacuum.

Anyway, we're planning on redoing the kitchen/countertops next year or the year after since we're prioritizing more pressing renovations/appliance replacements. But for the time being, is there anything that can be done to "level off" or "fill in" the countertops so that they aren't so rough and uneven? I don't particularly want to invest much since we're going to replace them with quartz within the next couple years anyway. I would just prefer to figure out some solution to make those 1-2 years of these counters feel less maintenance-nighmarey.

Thank you in advance!

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