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Spring Fling Notes & Comments: The Final Edition

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Here we are, roughly 24 hours away from our big gathering. I started this new thread so we'd have less comments to wade through (at least for those of us who are all caught up on everything from yesterday.)

So, here goes. Remember that our Spring Fling plant swap/potluck lunch is at the Clear Bay Point pavilion at Lake Thunderbird State Park and Bruce posted directions to Clear Bay Point a couple of times on the other thread....once very close to the end and at least once near the top.

Ticks are bad at this time of the year, so if that worries you, bring your favorite insect repellent. Much of the area where we will be is concrete or asphalt, so that should help. However, if you think you're going to wander off the beaten probably will need repellent.

What to bring:


Your plants

Some sort of container in which to gather the plants you intend to take home

Your door prize if you are participating in the door prize giveaway

Money to feed the kitty so that Bruce isn't paying for the pavilion rental all by himself.

Whatever food you said you'd bring. Maybe we all could list what food or beverage items we are bringing here, one more time, so everyone can see it and also, so if there's any gaps or obvious things missing, it will become apparent and perhaps someone can then volunteer to bring the obvious missing thing.

Folding lawn chairs if you intend to sit in comfort.

An umbrella or light rain jacket if the 20% chance of rain bothers you. (Down here, we have the same 20% chance but for us it is supposed to be no earlier than mid-afternoon. If any of you in the OKC area have heard timing on the rain up there, please let us know.) Thankfully a 20% chance of rain is a pretty slim one.

If you bring pets, they must be leashed.

We will have an area set aside for reserved plants labeled with the name of the recipient, so remember to put reserved plants there, and also to search that area for plants somebody is bringing for you.

If you have any last minute plant requests, please list them here.

If I have forgotten to list anything we all need to remember, please list it here.

Now, I'll go first:

Tim and I are bringing the ingredients to make S'mores and a bowl of fresh fruit. Of course, we're also bringing plants, and if you have previously requested a specific plant that I have, your name will be on it and it will be in a 'reserved' flat. There are plenty of non-reserved plants too. We're bringing ourselves, door prizes and money to feed the kitty. We currently have no plans to bring pets or small children, though we adore both.

What about the rest of you?

What are you bringing?

What new plant requests have popped up in everyone's minds since last night?

If there are any questions, please ask them here. If you have a last minute issue tomorrow, you always can get hold of pretty much any of us via Facebook or through the FB gardening groups.

Oh and one more thing: Bruce, thank you SO MUCH for taking on the burden of planning and organizing the Spring Fling this year. Your efforts are so very much appreciated.

See y'all tomorrow!


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