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A New Show on HGTV: Seriously????

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I've just now seen a preview of HGTV's new show, "House of Spouses". OMG! A couple that renovates homes in the Salt Lake City area is renovating and decorating homes there for "Polygamist families with three, five or more spouses and many children". I consider myself to be a very accepting person but, frankly, this offends me. And, it has nothing to do with my religious views at all. "Many spouses" means many bedrooms. I don't even want to imagine where the decorating decisions might go with that one! But, I was running on my eliptical , watching an HGTV show and the ad for it stopped me dead in my tracks, I was totally floored!

I have loved watching many of HGTV's shows in the past, but think HGTV has reached a new low in looking for viewership. Yes, I realize I am not personally being forced to watch it. I can, of course, decide if I will or not watch it. And, I will definitelly NOT be watching!

Does anyone else think this is in bad taste, or is it just me?

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