Options on how to arrange furniture in formal living room!

Ava Taggart
2 years ago

Please help me with furniture arranging ideas on the formal living room. we have a mirrored china cabinet which fits perfectly in that spot so I don't plan on moving that. We just bought this fireplace which can be moved to the side but should not be put where the two chairs currently are because of the return vent on the bottom of the wall. I'm wondering whether I should move the couch under the large window?
specifically, I am looking for where I should put the large couch, the two side chairs, and the fireplace. Opinions appreciated!
PS- the curtains are temporary and in the attached dining room we are painting an accent wall a deep turquoise (tape is on the wall). The coffee table and end tables are temporary but work for now. I appreciate any helpful (non insulting please) opinions. Thank you!

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