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Dining-living room combo space with baby grand piano - how to arrange?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi! I'm trying to sort out furniture arrangements for two rooms at the front of my house.

The room on the left is 12' x 16' and intended as a dining room.

The room on the right is a little over 17' by 16', but is functionally 16' x 16' because there's 13" built-in bookshelves against the fireplace wall. There's also a 4' entryway walking path between the front door (north wall) and the french doors (south wall), which limits some use of that area.

We want to swap the dining room (left) with the living room (right).

My questions are: any ideas for creating an inviting, multipurpose dining room in the larger room, then using the smaller room as a den/office/library? And what the heck size dining table works in a space like this?

Problems include: we have a baby grand piano (about 54" wide across the keyboard and 57" from front of keyboard to back).



The triangular points are the rough dimensions of the piano. It's a glass-top table, so it doesn't show up on export...

And as you can see, we also don't have much dining room furniture yet. The existing table is 66" x 36" and was free, so we're likely buying a better one in the near future. That gives us some flexibility with kitting out this design, though.

POTENTIAL LAYOUTS (using furniture from around the house)

There's a desk on the south wall of the left room, which is definitely going in there somewhere. It's a pretty piece that needs to be against a wall, and only fits against that specific wall.


We entertain BIG groups (15+) where casual seating, board game space, and mingling is more useful than dining space; the last few events we've had, we've noticed that people wandered into the dining room to grab food, but then left because it didn't really feel like a cozy/inviting space. We're hoping this change will 1) put the smaller room to better use (it has GREAT light but we never go in there because it's dining-only) and 2) encourage guests to use the dining room table and stay towards the front of the house by setting up a more useful/inviting space and 3) create a big multipurpose workspace in the front of the house for when we don't have guests.

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