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Advice Needed for new construction Kitchen

5 years ago

Photo is a close up of the current permitted floor plan so that you can see the dimensions. The kitchen is not great functionally but looks beautiful (same as a built house for sale that we viewed). We just had a vacation in a similar kitchen (same architect) and it was also not great.

Changes we will make:

(1) gas range - location may be fixed by where we can put in a vent hood, I'm guessing in the island where the sink is pictured (I think that's a downdraft vent where the current range is pictured, but the owner told me he was putting in an electric range, so I'm not sure)

(2) 30" deep counters - we have these in our current kitchen and they are the best, deep drawers, deep cabinets. As with our current kitchen, we will raise and shallow the uppers so that they are not imposing when working on the counter below.

(3) "Bar" area on one end - wine fridge, glasses - near the fridge for ice?

(4) "Zone" kitchen concept (vice "work triangle") - smooth flow from cold & dry storage to prep to cook to serving out to clean up

This picture is from the built house, with a downdraft gas range. Similar kitchen (but not at all the look I'm going for - but that's for later) but the practical design needs some work. This is way too far from the fridge to the sink to the range to wash & cook something.

Any suggestions from the wonderful people of GardenWeb (er..umm...Houzz)? (Just tells you how long it's been since I've been active on here)

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