Tell us about your healthy roses

2 years ago

i really do like Hybrid Teas, mainly for the blooms, that’s why I have so many, but I never cease to be amazed at Poseidon and Orchid Romance, both Floriibundas and so healthy. Right now my Orchid Romance is 5 ft. tall by 5 ft. wide and loaded with buds and my Poseidon is 6 ft. tall x about 4.5 ft. Wide and is beginning to be loaded with buds. Both of these roses have been low maintenance for me, I don’t prune either very much, they’re just so darn healthy! Easy Does It was really healthy last year, and bloomed great, but it had a lot of die back this winter, so I pruned it quite a bit, and it is doing fine, but at this point it doesn't look like it will have the beautiful display it did last year. Zaide is another one I really like, very healthy too, seems like mine has a tendency to want to be tall, but not as wide, but it’s just beginning its third season. I love my Julia Child, but I don’t think it will ever be as big as some I’ve seen, but it has improved. I need to plant one in a different spot, and it would probably do better. Our Lady of Guadalupe was very healthy for awhile, then seemed to have a set back, but is looking good right now, I hope it returns to its former glory! Sunsprite and Belinda’s Dream are both good for me too,, but at this point not on the same par as some others. Hopefully Plum Perfect and Crazy Love will both do really good this year, they look good.

Which roses have really impressed you because of their health, vigor and abundance of bloom? I have several Hybrid Teas that I consider very healthy too, like Beverly, Francis Meilland, Tiffany, Auguste Renoir, Grande Dame, Liebeszauber, etc. and you are welcome to name any variety in any class that you consider exceptionally healthy. I really do like healthy roses, I think we all do!

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