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dark fire lorapetulum with pink muhly grass?

Carol Peoples
3 years ago

Hello Gardeners- I live mid-island off the coast of NC. I have a garden bed I am starting from scratch except for a beautiful 12 ft wide by 6 ft tall trellis of jasmine (blooms white in April, very fragrant, glossy green leaves, evergreen) in the middle back section of bed and a large pink azalea on the right. I have about a 10 ft section on each side of the jasmine. Total length of bed ~26 feet. Bed curves gradually, so depth varies from ~7 ft deep on far right side to ~3 ft deep on far left side. Full sun, sandy soil (irrigation system in place). I have chosen "dark fire" lorapetulum (mature ht/width is 5x5) for back of bed on either side of the jasmine. I am looking for ideas for what to plant in front of it. I have pink muhly grass elsewhere in the yard- would this be good grouped in front ( and slightly to the side) of lorapetulum? With maybe perennial flowers (pink coneflower?) in front of the jasmine? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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