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Girls bedroom makeover

3 years ago

I want to redo this room that my two girls 5 and 9 share.

First: I want to change the bed. So tell me if the pic attached is a bed we have bought but has not been delivered so if it won’t look good, I will cancel the purchase. Its a v nice thomasville all wood bed , but I feel the headboard is too big..

ideally I would like an upholstered bed.

I am looking for a teal/gold theme With some other color like magenta .

The dollhouse will stay.. loll.. I m looking for some other small storage for some toys display too.

Dont need a dresser.

Lamps for night stand as these clearly are going back!

and Oh!! A chandelier for sure. The ceiling is only 8 feet high and the room is 18 x 12 inches with some additional space where the door opens.

I have given it to an online designer , however, I do want some more ideas too..!

Drapes or blinds whichever... maybe a rug so that the playzone can be defined ..

a wall mural or something... wall art behind the bed ( which is why I think the large headboard would not look too good) maybe I can just keep this old bed? It’s a king and I want to stick with king .

Any ideas or anyone wants to share pics of products?

Here are some of my inspiration pics. And yes, no desk needed.

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