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Twin builtin stacked washer/dryers

fresno boy
5 years ago

Hello everyone. We're getting close to installing cabinets in a new house build. We have 4 kids and do a ton of laundry, so we worked out with the architect and the GC to have two sets of washer/dryers in a pretty big laundry room. To make the best use of space, they stacked each set and designed cabinetry to surround them so they have a nice builtin look. Since this is a room in a finished basement, they set the twin set of appliances in a 1.5" deep drain pain, with a drain at the bottom that flows to the sump pump in the house, in case a leak happens.

You can see a pic of the design here:

This looks great, but when you measure everything out, there is only about an inch of space between the machines and the cabinet on the sides and the top. Since the stacking kits connect in the sides and the back of the the units, you have to install them (and remove them) as a set. Once they go in, you can't slide them out, because they sit in this recessed drain pan. At least not without lifting the whole stack up a couple of inches, which I don't think you could do without a fork lift.

I am now also concerned on how you'd install them with the water, venting and gas lines in the back. One set would be easy to do. But I don't know how you could do the second set. You'd have to connect everything with the stack about 40 inches in front of the wall, and then slide them in and hope nothing got tangled or crimped.

Now the cabinet depth around those units is about 20" or so the units are around 30" deep, so they do stick out a foot or so. But since the they sit in the pan I still don't understand how you could remove them if one of them died and had to be replaced.

I have seen pics of these types of installs on houzz before, so maybe I am missing something and its not a problem. I am going to talk to the GC about this tomorrow (I just started worrying about this I started looking at the dimensions of the laundry units I was picking out), but thought I'd ask you all first so I would have some advice about if this was a problem or not first.



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