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Help me Shawshank my dining room.

5 years ago

I need to put this dining room back together so please help me make some incremental decisions.

First decision is: Should I use the 2 blue chairs at the head of the table as shown, switch them with the cane arm chairs in the corners, use 4 blue chairs on the sides of the table with the cane arm chairs at the heads, or not use the blue chairs at all? FYI- I have 4 of the blue upholstered chairs, 6 cane chairs, 2 of which are arm chairs.

Second decision: Drapes or no drapes? I don't need them for privacy. If drapes what color and style?

Third decision: Sconces or lamps on the buffet? If sconces what would go with my current fixture.

Wall color is SW magnetic gray, carpet is Karastan multi-color panel Kirman, cane chairs and table are old and kinda French style, buffet is old Jacobean reproduction. I will make wall art and mirror decisions after I get some of this other stuff out of the way.


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