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Need help with living room set up and decor!

Hello! I recently decided to renovate our living room.I got to rearranging all of our furniture and ended up with a big mess and can't decide where to put anything. Our living room is rectangular shape, somewhat skinny but long. I like the concept of having it "open" feeling. I dont like clutter. I do have young children so have to keep it some what practical. I will get some updated pictures to post with how it is currently set up. We got a new 9'x12' rug for the area by the couches and then a 6'x9' jute rug for the opposite end of the room. Need help deciding the perfect placement as well as ideas for furniture and decor (specifically end tables). I have added some pictures to show some of the pieces that we currently have to work with.As much as I would LOVE to get rid of the over sized

"seat" my husband insist we keep it. Thanks for your help!

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