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Silly question about stackable hookups

4 years ago

Hello everyone,
I've googled, but must be using ineffective keywords. Forgive me if this is silly. I have a basic GE stackable washer/dryer. I love it. I live alone, so its small capacity is great. No extra electronics to break (which I've had bad luck with before with fancier machines), just basic knobs. I've had several repair people say the basic ones last the longest, so now I'm biased toward mine.
I may be moving soon to a place with side by side hookups. The previous owners are open to leaving their fancy washer and dryer.
1. Assuming height is not an issue, can I hook up my stackable in a side by side spot? I may be wrongly assuming the hoses are long enough, and I don't know if there's more to it.
2. I see the side by sides as unnecessarily big (for me) machines with more electronic parts to break. Is there a compelling argument for giving up my 3 year old stackable for their side by side (age and history unknown, possibly only 2-3 years old)?
Thank you all.

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