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I need help choosing an exterior color!

4 years ago

Our house needs a new coat of paint (it looks ok in the front, but is peeling on the back due to a bad job from the previous owner), and I am at a total loss as to what color(s) to pick to help out our weird architectural style. New siding is out of the budget, so the weird directional and color change is here to stay. I'm drawn to darker blues or greige-greens but am having trouble visualizing how it would look. I'm also totally unsure what to do about the contrast color. Paint the whole thing one color? Choose something lighter again, but what? In the summer, the garden makes the orange look quite nice, actually, but in the winter the whole thing just looks sort of sad and cartoonish. We're selling next year before the plants come up, hence the hope that a new color will spruce the place up.

Any suggestions about color or other things we might do to boost the curb appeal are so appreciated! Thank you!

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