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Should I lower window? Need help with custom built ins in home office

3 years ago

I work from home full time and have not had a chance to do much in terms of furnishing/decorating since moving in aside from buying a cheap desk to use in the interim. I would like to put in some good quality white built-ins on the South wall (wall with window) and West wall(wall with mirrored closet which I would like to remove and replace with more built ins. I am thinking of having a desk along the entire wall with the window with shelves/cabinets on either side of the window.

I attach pics of the room and my inspiration pic.

I think that the window will look too high above a desk and am considering replacing it with
(A) a window that comes down lower (I can only lower it by about 6 inches due to exterior) OR
(B) a window that comes down lower AND is narrower (because it is an awfully wide window) OR
(C) leave window as is.
What do you think?

Also, Any ideas for window treatments? Need for sun protection.


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