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Backyard Landscaping

4 years ago
Hi everyone, i wondered if everyone could help me with our backyard which is really a blank slate.
I have attached pictures and to scale drawings.
We will be removing the white garage door and bricking that hole in and moving the garage door to the end of the garage as per the drawing.
We will be building a privacy panel on the side where the patio doors are, this will be 14’4” long and will look similar to the picture I attached (with the flowers) . This panel will have more tempered glass inserts for the morning sun to come in and no return or top.
We will be removing the existing deck and concrete pad.
We are 24” off the ground so the step will only be 1 step.
On the complete drawing you can see a gazebo which will be next years project and will also be built on pavers.
We changed out the sliding door and the window last year, the door was where the window was and the window where the door was. Now that patio door is the dining room and the window is the kitchen.
The soffits are charcoal black/grey and going on as soon as we can cut out the new garage door and have our mason come in and rebrick for us. (We ran out of time last November and we also didn’t have time to clean the brick. (You can see we also took a window out of the garage wall and had that rebricked.

So... as you can as from some of the pictures , no one has a fence. We want some privacy. We don’t want to build a fence so Im hopping we can do some green or bush that lasts. We are in zone 5A
I really would like a fire pit out near the tree, maybe some flowers to soften the fence, we put the cedars in last year so they will eventually block some of the wind, the deck by the garage is the perfect sun spot.

I would like to see the eating area between the window and the door, then go down the sept and there could be 2 loungers, sofa, chairs, possibly a fire box some where in there.
We were thinking about putting backs on the bench that comes off the garage.

Would love if someone could do a picture for me, we were thinking about doing grey furniture with charcoal also pillows and possibly accenting with the burnt red or orange out of the brick.

SO excited to see what everyone has to say!!
I cant fit any more pictures on so I will add another discussion

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