Worth having sink in butler’s pantry??

Sarah R
2 years ago
For those who have sinks in their butlers pantry, do you love it? Regret it? We are doing a new build and I wasn’t planning on doing a sink in our butlers pantry. We have a prep sink on the island plus our main one and I thought 3 sinks was overkill. However, given that our dining room is not open concept to the kitchen (more traditional layout with dining room in front of house next to foyer), would I regret having the closest sink be the island prep sink? What use would the butlers pantry sink have? Only thing that comes to mind is for washing wine glasses/china that is stored in butlers pantry as opposed to carrying to and from sink. However, I have never had a butlers pantry so might be not thinking of other uses! We do plan to entertain a fair amount although aren’t skilled bartenders by any means :). Given our layout, what do you all think?? Would it get used? I marked in green where the current planned sinks are going to be and in blue where the potential butlers pantry sink is (for reference, the length of the butlers pantry is 6.5 feet). Also attached full house plan of first floor for reference. Thank you!

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