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Concerned about load bearing wall removal...

5 years ago

I recently renovated my home, part of which entailed the removal of a wall that spanned about 28’, give or take a few inches. I had an engineer as well as the city sign off on the project.

Basically, what they did was remove the one wall that spanned +/- 28’ and installed two LVL beams sandwiched together along the roofline. Can’t remember their height but they had to have been around 24” each. They vaulted the ceilings for about 18’ of that 28’, while the other 10’ is the original 8’ ceiling. Where the vaulted meets the unvaulted they installed another LVL spanning the depth of the house to create a cased opening.

Now, I thought I might need a column right where the vaulted section meet the unvaulted section, which was where four walls intersected before and there was a pier in the basement. Contractor and engineer said unnecessary. City signed off on permit.

Fast forward, the worrier in me is still concerned the roof isn’t adequately supported. The floors sag a little (though to be honest, i’m pretty sure they did before, too), and there are one or two small cracks in the ceiling where sections of drywall had been patched (is this settling, or is this expansion of seams due to weather...I’m not sure).

The obvious answer is to get a second opinion from an engineer before deciding there’s a problem; I plan to do that. Before I incur that expense, I’d love to get everyone else’s thoughts on this and whether or not I’m worrying about nothing.

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