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Bathroom vanity update & bathroom cabinet painting

Valentina N
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I have a full bathroom and a .25 sink outside the bathroom in the master bedroom ( please see pictures)

although the full bathroom not my color scheme ( it is brown countertop and brown stained cabinets) it looks nice . As far as the .25 sink outside there is nothing that I like about it.

I want want to change the .25 to a grey granite countertop and paint the cabinets white but I think it might look strange right next to the bathroom being brown with brown cabinets.

My next idea would be to take both countertops off replace with the chosen grey vanity and paint both white . The only problem is I think it’s a waste of money due to there being nothing wrong with the initial countertops in the bathroom

the option is to try to match the brown countertops ( would it look weird if it were brown but not the same brown ) and then idk maybe stain the cabinets in the master room.

Please look at pics and tell me your thoughts.

Purchased last year (2018) with resale is on the horizon about 5-6 years out.

Thank you.

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