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Help with exterior paint: brick, siding, trim 1940s 1 1/2 story

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Anyone have any suggestions on how to work with this brick? The windows and gutters are white vinyl/aluminum and will have to stay white. So I guess that means all the trim stays white. Which makes the brick pop. The first photo is older, from when the door was blue and door trim was dark grey. It looks pretty then but honestly I think that's just the weather (flowers!) because when we did the door in teal and trim in white people kept telling us how much they loved it, and the house looked cheerful.

The roof is a sort of silvery-dark grey.

so I'm left with what to paint the wood siding below bay windows, around dormer, and on the garage (and then the door).

What is so hard is there feels like four main areas of color: brick, siding, lots of window trim, and roof.

Should we keep the cottage feel, or else go for something more refined?


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