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Flooring dilema: 2 subfloors in kitchen and hallway

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I'm replacing all the flooring in my entire home except for the bathrooms. I've picked out a carpet for the living room and LVP for the remainder of the house. My kitchen and adjoining hall currently has an old laminate and the remaining rooms have carpet. The previous home owner put in a double subfloor in the kitchen/hall, I'm assuming so that it would be level with the carpet in the other rooms.

There is an entryway into the kitchen from the living room, which will be carpeted, so no problem there with the subfloor height difference. However, the hall adjoining the kitchen leads to a central room (home office) which only has 1 subfloor. There would be about 5/8" step down between the hall and the home office subfloors.

Is there a way to transition this drop without having to either tear up the double subfloor in the kitchen/hall or add another layer of subfloor to the entire rest of the house? In the image below, the red line is where the different height is an issue. Any suggestions are appreciated.