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Which Gas Ranges Have Ceramic Infrared Broilers?

4 years ago

I have been looking to buy a new all-gas range and even though I've narrowed it down to a few brands I am fascinated by infrared broilers. I've done some research and even though many brands claim to have infrared broilers it doesn't mean they are significantly better than regular gas broilers.

For instance, Bertazzoni claims to have an infrared broiler rated at 11,000 btu's but is it truly an infrared broiler? Does it function better than a regular gas broiler on a Fisher & Paykel?

The kind of broilers that seem to get universal praise, however, are the brands that put "ceramic" infrared broilers in their ranges. As far as I know, only BlueStar uses a ceramic infrared broiler with an output of 18,500 btu's. Are there other brands that use ceramic infrared broilers? How much of an improvement have you discovered are ceramic infrared broilers over conventional gas broilers?

I would love to get a great char on my steak and lamb without smoking up my kitchen. I don't have overhead ventilation as I live in a pre-war NYC apartment. Are ceramic infrared broilers the answer?

Thank you.

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