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Koto no ito Japanese maple companion?

3 years ago

Question. Does anybody have a recommendation for a nice red maple that would compliment koto no ito? I planted koto no ito toward the front of my property last year and now have decided I want to plant a red maple behind it and maybe a 3rd yet to be chosen small tree to its left front (when viewed from the street). Koto no ito is yellow green with very thin leaves so I’m thinking my best choice might be a wider leafed red maple.

I’m in zone 6/7NJ and the tree would get no more than 3 hours of direct afternoon sun kinda coming from the back of my property and then about an hour of very late evening filtered light. There’s 16ft of space between my driveway and the lousy sidewalk close to my front porch. It measures 17 1/2ft from koto no itos trunk to the sidewalk. In the pictures, I put an empty black pot on the spot where I think the new tree would go. I’d imagine the new tree would have to be a medium sized tree. I think I’m looking for something that would hold its red color throughout the season.

I don’t think I want a common bloodgood, beautiful yes, but, everyone seems to have one. I’ve been thinking about choosing an Atrolinere, Beni otake, emperor1, twonblys red sentinel or fireglow. Or, maybe a large leaved japonicum like Dancing Peacock. Maybe Shindeshojo? But, neither of the last two are red all season. Grrrrrr What tree would make Koto no ito pop out in the landscape?

I’ve been researching maples for 3 months now and want to get the design right. I feel like I’m driving myself crazy. I would really appreciate any suggestions that you maple folks might have. Thank you so very much in advance. Dan.

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