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March 2019, Week 4.....Finally Spring and We're Loving It!

We have made it through all that ugly, cold March wind and now we're having....what.....tornadoes, hail, rain, wind and flooding? At least some areas have had that this weekend. At our house it remained pretty mild and quiet, with some sunshine and warmth. So, yes, the weather escalated quickly, didn't it? It seems like we're getting April type weather early which is not necessarily a good thing since April often brings severe storms.

Spring is exploding here, but in the best of ways. Our soil temperatures are on a nice warming trend, and the cold nights are fading away. Of course, let's not get cocky. The cold nights probably aren't totally gone yet, so we still have to watch that forecast. This week seems like it will be a good time to plant, and I hope to spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday out in the garden, weather permitting.

Speaking of the forecast, ours for the coming week improved drastically over the last couple of days, with nights that had been forecast to barely hit 40 now forecast to hit the mid-40s. I love that. There's nothing worse than waking up to cold mornings. I'm ready for moderate weather to stick around a while---you know, I want Goldilocks weather that is not too cold, not too hot and is just right.

I am so tired of looking at happy tomato plants that are eager to go into the ground but which are stuck in flats waiting for the soil to warm up. I'm ready for the ground to warm up and catch up with the plants so that the soil and the plants can be happy together. No one should be surprised if I announce one day soon that "I planted the first tomato plants today". It is going to happen, and it is going to happen soon. Four plants are starting to bloom and it is time. They seem to be in such a hurry to grow this year, other than a couple of slow, sluggish varieties that don't seem to care if they live or die, thrive and grow or fade away....sigh. It is always something. I don't know why all the varieties cannot have a good year in the same year, but that never happens. There's always at least a couple of varieties that just don't seem happy.

We need to mow again this week. I guess we now are stuck in the weekly mowing rut and the only way that will change is that later in Spring, assuming it rains regularly, we'll move up to mowing twice a week. You know, I wouldn't mind a green concrete lawn or an astroturf lawn if money were no object. Mowing gets old fast, but at least it provides us with grass clippings for use as mulch or as fodder for the compost pile.

I don't think there is anything left to prune, so I'm glad all that is done.

I am extremely pleased with how few weeds there are in the garden. I worked so hard last year to keep everything mulched, and it paid off. We probably don't have but about 10% as many weeds as we had last year. Of course, last year it warmed up earlier and maybe weeds got off to an earlier start, but there's still tons fewer and I'm pulling them when I encounter them so they do not get a chance to become established.

The rain brought back the puddles. Bah, humbug, we are so tired of them. If it rains all Spring, we're going to have a swamp.

Now that all the cool season stuff is in the ground, I'm really ready to move on with warm season plants, but it still is just a touch too cool for them. I'm hoping that changes soon.

Has everyone solved their ants-in-the-house problem? We still don't have ants in our kitchen, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I saw the first crickets on Friday. They are not full-sized, but rather, about one-third the size of a typical adult. Maybe one-fourth. The only grasshopper I've seen in the garden is a full sized dead one. I left him there to scare other living ones away.

What are y'all doing this weekend? How about during the upcoming week? Is everyone getting caught up on planting now that the weather has improved?

I'm toying with the idea of moving my two folding tables to the garden tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning, and then putting all the tomato plants out there to stay. That way, they already are where they need to be when planting day arrives. I'd love to move the greenhouse closer to the garden, but I don't think Tim would want to do that. I have it midway between the two big fenced garden plots, but would rather have it near the front garden. In fact, I'd love to move it to the area just east of the garden fence....maybe it would block the herbicide drift that hits my garden every year. It is too late to move it this year, but there's always next winter......


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