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Advice needed! Prefab stairs: carpet or hardwood

5 years ago

Advice please! My husband and I are on a long journey to renovate our ’85 Colonial. Thus far we have replaced the downstairs carpet with dark bamboo, painted and completed various other upgrades. The question we are back and forth on is the stairs and upstairs landing. We both agree that we want our bedrooms to remain carpeted and just upgrade the carpet. We are torn between installing retrofitted stairtreads that we stain as close as possible to our bamboo. If we were to go with the hardwood option, should we also follow through with the landing as well? The other option would be to recarpet the stairs as they were before and the carpet flow onto the landing and into the bedroom as the home was originally deisgned. I see pros and cons with both options. i feel like carpet may “cheapin” for lack of better words, the look we have achieved downstairs, is obnoxious to clean and the padding with likely flatten sooner than the rest of the carpet upstarts. However hardwood we risk not matching the floor well enough and it being hardwood vs bamboo (grant it our bamboo is stranded and very dark so you can’t tell it’s bamboo unless closely inspecting it), and its a more expensive project... SO TORN! HELP lol

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